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Flag Day and Everything About it

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Flag Day

Flag Day is also popular as National Day, across the continental United States. It is to honor the national flag annually on June 14. This day commemorates the date in 1777, once the United States approved its design.

Flag Day and History

The first idea to celebrate the national flag came from several sources. It was first started by Bernard J. Cigrand, a Wisconsin schoolteacher, in 1885. He motivated his students to observe June 14 as the Flag Birthday. One of his many essays on this got published in a local newspaper, encouraging Americans to observe this day in the country's name.

However, it was in 1888 that William T. Kerr of Pennsylvania founded the American Flag Day Association of Western Pennsylvania. The first formal celebration of the day was by George Morris in 1861. Finally in 1949, the U.S. Congress announced the date June 14 as National Flag Day. This day doesn't fall under federal holiday, but is a state holiday across the state of Pennsylvania.

What Happens on This Day?

This day consists of a speech from the U.S. president that addresses the entire nation while encouraging Americans to fly U.S. flags during that week. This day comprises parades, essay contests, ceremonies, picnics and charity get-togethers. They are usually from the veterans', and national associations like the National Flag Day Foundation. Their goal is to preserve and showcase the glory, traditions, history, and pride, making America different from any other nation in this world.

Best Flag Day Gifts

JDXN Flag Day Pendant Necklace Jewelry

JDXN Flag Day Pendant Necklace is a precious men's jewelry item that consists of a religious pendant with a USA-Flag print. It is of stainless steel material and resists any breakage and color loss. The necklace length is 39.5cm-23.4"/4cm*2.6cm-1.77"*1.0", and is suitable for most individuals to wear on different occasions.

Decorbox Throw Pillow Cover

Decorbox Throw Pillow Cover makes a perfect decorative gift choice for flag day celebrations. It contains high-quality cotton linen material for maximum comfort and strength. The size of the cover is 18 x 18 inches and fits on ideal-sized pillows easily. The front side of the cover has a US flag pattern, while at back it has no prints.

B-day Gifts2-Pack Ultra Slim Can Coolies

B-day Gifts2-Pack Ultra Slim Can Coolies consists of prints and keeps your beverages hot or cold, as desired. They consist of high-density polyurethane foam having a premium thickness of 1/8 inch. The US flag prints on these coolies are visible from all angles and are also printed on both sides.

Joffreg Gift Bag with Handles

Joffreg Gift Bags with Handles are stylish shopping bags that have solid surface bottoms and sturdy twist handles. The overall construction of these bags is of high-quality material. Thus, reduces the risk of sudden breakage and cracks. These bags can hold up to 5.5 lbs and each bag measures 6.30 x 3.15 x 8.27 inches.

HappyPop Men's Baseball Socks

HappyPop Men's Baseball Socks are composed of 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide and, 3% Elastane material. These socks are well made to stay soft, breathable, and highly comfortable to wear. Along with being a stylish and fashionable clothing item, they are also the perfect gift choice to present to your friends and close ones.

Patriotic US Flag Blanket

Patriotic US Flag Blanket is an absolute combination of comfort and style to showcase your patriotic feel. If you are looking for some cozy and lightweight blankets for gifting purposes, this particular item should be your top priority buy. Moreover, this blanket is of hypoallergenic material and is the best accessory to cozy up your bed or sofas.

XDLEE 24 Pack American Flag Paper Bags

XDLEE 24 Pack American Flag Paper Bags are party-themed paper bags that have unique designs and eye-catching patterns. These bags measure 4.7 x 3.1 x 7.8 inches and are spacious enough to hold your toys and other party supplies. The American flag prints on these bags, make them a perfect-buy item for flag day celebration.

KAZOKU American Flag Lights

KAZOKU American Flag Lights are an amazing addition to your home's décor to display your patriotic feel and spirit. These LED flag net lights mainly glow in three colors; blue, red, and white. Also, the flag net is 6.5ft*3.28ft high and comes with plastic frame construction for a clear display of lights from all sides.

Vinlari Face Mask Scarf

Vinlari Face Mask Scarf is a flag-designed face mask scarf that offers the best protection from sunlight, wind, and dust. It comes in a universal size, that mostly fits both adults and kids. Being lightweight, breathable, and easily washable, this face mask is your stylish gift item to buy, this flag's day.

American Flag Banners Stars and Stripes

American Flag Banners, Stars, and Stripes are the best decoration supplies from oriental cherry stores. The banners measure 14" x 72" and are perfect to fit on your home's front door. Moreover, these supplies are made of high-quality polyester Oxford Fabric that is weather-resistant and highly durable.

Hoosun Windsock Outdoor Hanging

Hoosun Windsock Outdoor Hanging is another worthy gift item to buy. This outdoor windsock hanging contains 210D nylon material and is weather-resistant. It is long-lasting and dries quickly after washing. The package includes two windsock hangings, each measuring 40 inches.

JOINAP American US Flag Windsock

JOINAP American US Flag Windsock is of lightweight fabric, that makes it fly even in the lightest flow. The stars and strips decorative designs give it an eye-catching appearance. Be it a flag day or any other patriotic occasion, this windsock model is the best way to express your deep respect and gratitude towards the country and army personnel.

Juvale US Flags with Stands 

Juvale US Flags with Stands come in a package of 12 flags with their plastic stands. These flags allow you to add a decorative element to your home or office desks. Moreover, each flag comes with double stitching, that ensures higher durability and strength. These flags are made of polyester material and measure 12 x 8.3 inches.

Anley Wooden Stick Flag

Anley Wooden Stick Flag is made of 100% polyester material with bright and vivid colors. It is rainproof and even comes with a warranty of 3 months. Moreover, the package includes 50 flags and is enough to create an instant patriotic ambiance.

Ruijia Foldable Paper Fans

Ruijia Foldable Paper Fans are a flag-themed decorative set that includes 6 foldable hanging paper fans, 6 flower balls, 1 American Banner, and one string of stars. Each paper piece can be easily assembled by using paper clips and pre-applied adhesives. Paper fans of three different sizes are mainly available. The sizes are 8'', 14'' and 16''.


Flag day consists of some amazing gifts that you can give to remind the patriot in you and honor the other patriots. For more buying options, head over to Betviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend the best gifts based on popularity, quality, and variety.

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