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Easter, Easter Bunny and Accessories This 2021

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Easter Bunny

As you are all set for Easter celebrations, make sure you take into account the day on which Easter will fall this year, since it varies from one year to the next. The reason we celebrate Easter in spring is that, as per the Bible, Jesus Christ's resurrection took place during the Jewish Passover, which falls between March or April. Popular as the festival of freedom, Passover this year will begin at sundown on March 27, and end on the evening of April 4, which is Easter.

This day is marked by glorious parades, celebrations and get-togethers'. The tradition of gifting something thoughtful is also an essential part of this celebration. That is why we have taken the liberty to list down some amazing gifts for Easter, traditionally the Easter Bunny and a popular accessory.

Why do We Have Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny

Easter Eggs have an interesting history. Traditionally, one week before Easter, also known as the Holy week, people were prohibited from eating eggs. So elders used to decorate the eggs and give them to children as gifts.

Victorians used to make a satin wrapped cardboard egg and fill the egg with Easter gifts. However, today we have chocolate Easter eggs, which remains a favorite part of Easter celebrations. There are egg hunts organized and Easter gifts are given to the winner.

Easter Bunny

The legend of the Easter bunny is where the bunny lays the eggs, decorate and hides them. This is similar to real-life bunnies or rabbits who give birth to a large litter at a time. Both symbolize new life. That is why it is significant when Jesus got resurrected and a new life was re-born.

That is why this blog is dedicated to Easter bunny costumes, dresses and accessories like the Easter cross. Let us take a look at a few of them.

Best Easter Bunny Costumes

IUTOYYE Easter Bunny Hat 

This cute rabbit bunny ears costume is soft and comfortable to wear. This plush Easter Bunny hat is made of soft velvet and comes in a standard size for all. Ideal as prop or as celebratory costumes like Easter bunny, this hat is an impressive addition to your best Easter bunny costumes.

Rubie's Baby's Precious Little Rabbit Costume

This adorable baby's bunny costume can make you go gaga over your baby. Stitched in the style of a jumpsuit, this cute Easter bunny costume comes with a headpiece and bunny ears. Made with high-quality fiber and velvet, it stays soft against the baby's delicate skin.

Bunny Plush Mascot Costume - Pick Size

This amazing Easter Bunny Mascot costume is a well-sought product. Its well-stitched quality, polyester materials and variable sizes make it a hot pick during Easter. This costume comes in full gear with a full-body head to toes costume and a headgear with mesh eyes. It also comes with mittens and foot covers.

Available in a selection of plush white and many sizes, this gift can be put on the list of best Easter Bunny costumes.

Best Easter Dresses

When you are planning of shopping every other item for Easter, how can you forget clothes behind? Below are some of the best Easter dresses you can buy for yourself. Dazzle in these gorgeous, quality and beautiful dresses making your this Easter a memorable occasion.

Luvable Friends Baby and Toddler Girl Dress and Cardigan

This pretty combination of a dress and cardigan is perfect for this Easter. Made from 100% cotton, this dress is built with quick-snap closure, machine washable fabric, and a long cardigan for that classy look. Available in a gorgeous combination of white and pink, this dress will be perfect for Easter mass, prayer service and even those Easter evening get-togethers.

Niyage Toddler Girls Elegant Lace Pom Pom Flutter Sleeve Party Princess Dress

This soft, comfortable lacy Party Princess Dress comes with the trendy pom-pom flutter sleeve and rust pink color. Made with a combination of lace, cotton, and delicate details, this beautiful dress is a must buy this Easter. Its elegant stitching, good fit, quality fabric and in-trend styles, makes this a must-have wardrobe addition this Easter.

Christening Lace Flower Baby Girl Princess Dress

This baby girl Princess Dress comes as a formal tutu gown with the classic combination of white and red. Available with a headband, removable back big bow knot, lace flowers, round V neck, sleeveless, and with ruffles. Made with high-quality skin-friendly fabric, this tutu gown can be perfect for your baby this Easter.

Toddler Baby Girl Easter Dress

This Toddler Baby Girl Easter Dress is everything you imagined your Easter dress to be. Made with a cotton blend, this jumpsuit style bunny outfit is a perfect gift to buy for your daughter this Easter. Available in a selection of gorgeous white, this jumpsuit cum skirt is a great buy any day.

Best Easter Cross

While celebrating one of the biggest celebrations of the year, how can we forget the Eternal power to whom this celebration is dedicated, Jesus Christ? And across being the significant entity of Christianity, the Easter cross is considered as one of the best gifts for Easter. Let us take a look at some of them.

Roman Table Cross with Words of Encouragement and Prayers

This table crossword is perfect for Easter. Made of polish and white cement, this cross contains words of encouragement and various prayers. Lightweight and compact, this cross is perfect for prayer room or even during your travels.

Olive Wood Small Pocket - Holding Crosses

This Olive Wood Small Pocket - Holding crosses are of grainy color and consists of many crosses in one pack. The pack also contains authentication cards and bookmarks in a delicate velvet bag. This pack is special because it is carved from trees around Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

Stonebriar Decorative Wall Cross with Hanging Loop

This decorative wall cross is built with fine cast iron and finished with white. Measuring approximately 13", this cross can add a vintage flare to your entire background. Exhibiting a rustic roman finish, this cross is indeed a splendid addition to your daily prayers.

Sell4Style Unique Wooden Crucifix 

This gorgeous cross has a delicate butterfly nestled on it. Made with antiqued metal decorations, attached metal hangar, and good quality wood, this cross should certainly come in the list of Easter gifts.


Easter bunny, Easter celebrations are all a part of the Christian history and culture. Exchanging gifts has always been a part of the major traditions like Hanukkah, Easter, Passover, Christmas, etc. That is why this list of gifts in much more meaningful during occasions like these.

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend the best gifts based on popularity, demand, and quality.

Happy Shopping and Happy Easter to You!

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