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Columbus Day Sales: Sale Like Never Before

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Columbus Day Sales

Columbus Day sales call for exciting deals on some of the best products. However, before we begin, let us take a quick look at some basics.

What is Columbus Day and When Will it Be Celebrated?

Columbus Day is a federal U.S. holiday commemorating the discovery of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. This day usually falls on a Monday, following the weekend thus, resulting in a long weekend. Columbus Day will fall on Monday, October 11,2021.

Columbus Day: A Quick Peek

The first observance of Columbus Day took place in New York City in 1792. The holiday started as an annual celebration of Italian–American heritage in 1869. In 1934, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided on the first national observance of Columbus Day, which later became popular as a national holiday, on October 12. Later, this day was changed to the second Monday of October under the leadership of President Richard Nixon.

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