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Say Goodbye to Blurry, Tired Eyes with Blue Light Glasses

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker

Have you ever had blurry or watery eyes after sitting long hours in front of your computer? Or have you ever experienced eye strain and headache once you are back from work? Don’t worry, if you are sure it’s not your eyes, then it’s the glare from the computer screen that’s causing all the havoc. One effective and quick solution to this is the Blue Light Glasses.

What are Blue Light Glasses: Do you Need Them?

You must have heard about them or must have seen them while scrolling through advertisements. But if you are facing eye strain or irritation, every time you open your computer screen, then it’s probably time to try them. This blog is all about Blue Light Glasses and everything there is to know about them. If in the end, you are convinced that this is what you need, do take a quick look at our featured section for some of the most recommended Blue Light Glasses for you.

But, before we proceed further, why not brush through the basics first?

What is Blue Light and why is it bad for us?

Blue Light is one of the spectrum colors that are visible to the naked eye and has a shorter wavelength. If your eyes are exposed to Blue Light for an elongated period, it can damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina. Yes, you read it, right? It’s quite harmful to the eyes and is emitted by our very own computer screen in abundance. Thus, the glasses that block or filter Blue Light from our computer screens to our eyes are known as Blue Light Glasses. These glasses are made of special material that can protect your eyes from the glare emitted by the digital screens.

Blue Light blocking glasses are found in many types. The extent of discomfort and your preference will determine with the kind of glasses you should go for.

  • Amber Lens Blue Light Fiber Glasses

These Blue Light Fibre glasses are made of high- quality and scratch-resistant material that can be coated with a thin anti-glare film, or Photochromatic coating. This allows less light to penetrate into your eyes, reducing your eye exposure to the Blue Light to a large extent. They are lightweight and durable.

  • Blue Light Glasses with Anti Glare Coating

These Blue Light Glasses, often have filters that can block the amount of the Blue Light entering your eyes, especially when your surroundings are dark. Such Blue Light Filter Glasses are often recommended to relieve fatigue eyes and sleep deprivation, which is caused due to continuous exposure to digital screens.

  • Blue Light Glasses with Anti-Reflective Coating

These Blue Light computer glasses come with Anti-reflective coating that stops the full glare of the screen by reflecting maximum Blue Light and allowing only minimum glare to pass through. Apart from these, there are few other types of Anti-Blue Light Glasses like Magnification Blue Light Glasses, prescription Blue Light Glasses (for those with eye power) and non-prescription lenses which are equally effective in diverting the blue light.

Now that we understand the types and basics of Blue Light Glasses, let us understand, ‘Why Do You need Blue Light Glasses?’  This is important to understand so that no shred of doubt should remain while buying and using them.

Benefits of Using Blue Light Glasses

  • Reduces Eyes Strain

Blue Light Fiber Glasses can increase your focus and reduce eye strain allowing you to work long hours in front of the computer without feeling any eye fatigue.

  • Prevents Tired Eyes Syndrome

Filters of the Anti-Blue Light Glasses allow only a fraction of the Blue Light to seep inside your eyes. They help in reducing irritation of eyes and help you to combat ‘Tired Eyes Syndrome’.

  • Improves Sleep

Blue Light Glasses improves sleep as they reduce the effects of the high energy Blue Light on our eyes. This way, we can enjoy some screen time just before bed and also get a relaxed night’s sleep. A quick tip to prevent tired eyes is to reduce the brightness of the screen glare.

  • Protects Eyes

The rays of the blue light from the computer can damage the sensitive cells in our retina. AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) is one of the biggest reason for blindness and Blue Light Glasses helps combat that by reducing the exposure levels.

  • Blocks UV Rays

Most of the Blue Light Glasses nowadays, come with ‘Light Scan’ technology, that allows only a portion of the Blue Light to pass through while filtering out UV light. This reduces the chances of eye damage.

By now, I am sure you must be thinking flashback if you need such glasses or not but,  let me assure you that such glasses can be worn by anyone and everyone. The only difference between wearers of all ages will be the power of their glasses. If you need a powered glass, it will be mostly prescription Blue Light Glasses.

Who Needs Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue Light Glasses are best suited for working professionals who spend long hours in front of the computer, or for some screen time before bed which won’t interfere with your sleep pattern. Even if you are having trouble sleeping lately, because of tired eyes and digital eye strain, you can go for Blue Light Glasses as they will block the excessive glare of the Blue Light, responsible for keeping your awake.

Now, that you know almost everything about Blue Light Glasses, you can get one for yourself to protect your precious eyes from damage. But before you rush to the store to get one, understand first.

What are the best Blue Light Glasses?

The best ones are those that can effectively block Blue Light from the screens and puts less strain on our eyes while being comfortable to wear for longer periods. You can buy these glasses from Amazon or Quay, if you prefer online portals. But if you like to try them before buying, you can physically pick them up from any major retailers like Walmart or Target. Blue Light Glasses Amazon or Blue Light Glasses Quay comes with exciting deals and discounts making it feasible for you to try and buy them.

Eyes are one of the most sensitive sensory organs in our body and should be taken care of. Technology is here to help us, but at the same time, it is our responsibility to save ourselves from its side effects. With accessories such as Blue Light Glasses, we can easily protect our eyes from the ill effects of the screen and boost our productivity levels. After all, its not worth losing something so precious, just because we decided to turn a blind eye towards a concern as important as this.

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