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Bio-degradable Baby Wipes: The Better Pick

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
bio-degradable baby wipes

Have you ever wondered what happens to those baby wipes, once you wipe your baby’s bottom with it? What happens after you discard them? Yes, of course, it goes into your waste bin, but have you ever thought where do they finally end up? Baby wipes are mostly made up of chemicals and materials that are responsible for the majority of sewer blockages. In fact, one of the major points of the 25-year plan for the environment by many governments in 2018 included stopping pollution completely, which included wet wipes as well. A cleaner and better solution to this is switching to a bio-degradable baby wipes. They are clean and hygienic, travel-friendly, saves water, and an easy alternative to cotton wool.

What are Bio-degradable Baby Wipes

Bio-degradable simply means something that breaks down into smaller particles naturally over some time. Organic baby wipes are made of bamboo pulp or cotton. They are eco-friendly, pH-balanced, non-toxic, and unscented. That is why they are perfect for the sensitive skin of babies. These 4 Pack Mommy Care Organic Biodegradable Eco Friendly Baby Wipes are specially design for use on a baby's sensitive skin.

Reasons to Switch to Bio-degradable Baby Wipes

Better for the Baby’s Skin

Natural baby wipes are non-bleached and contain essential oils like aloe vera and lavender. These essential oils keep them scented and moisturize your baby's skin simultaneously. Antimicrobial ingredients like grapeseed extracts are also a part of such wipes making them a good option for keeping clean. These Baby Green Biodegradable Baby Wipes Natural essential oils are great for sensitive skin like a baby's skin.


Bio-degradable baby wipes are free from any chemicals and don’t contain any sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), or parabens and are completely alcohol-free. They contain 98% water and follow the norms of approval of the ‘National Eczema Association of America’s seal of Acceptance’. These Biodegradable Baby Wipes Natural Essential Oils are a great option for babies and adults alike.


Bio-degradable baby wipes easily dissolve in water making them convenient to dispose-off. This way they do not clog the drains or other water bodies making them an eco-friendly alternative.

Constitute Mostly Towards Landfill Waste

Wipes, either baby wipes, makeup removing wipes, or even kitchen wipes majorly find their way towards the landfill waste, no matter their kind. So it's better to switch to bio-degradable wipes which can breakdown over a period of time even when they end up in landfills. This way they would stop contributing to rising land pollution. Check out the Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes Large Pack which are great for post workout, camping, backpacking, outdoors, hiking and are completely safe to the environment.

DIY Bio-degradable Baby Wipes at Home

  • Take some cotton flannel fabric, or cotton fabric to form a base
  • Mix a solution of apple cider vinegar for maintaining the pH balance of the skin, coconut oil to avoid any rashes, and aloe vera for dry and itchy skin
  • Add some unscented castile soap to the mix
  • If you want some fragrance or smell in it, then you can mix some lavender for it
  • Put the cloth wipes inside a bag and pour a mix of this solution to soak it thoroughly
  • Squish the bag to release excess air and allow the solution to completely soak in
  • Seal the bag to keep the wipes safe and they are ready for use
  • Such wipes are natural, safe, and easy to dispose of. The natural ingredients allow the wipes to be 100% eco-friendly

Best Eco-friendly Wipes You can Opt for

Eco-friendly wipes like water wipes constitute a high percentage of water and will cost somewhere between $14 to $25. Some of the other major brands that manufacture biodegradable and flushable baby wipes are Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, Nice n Clean Baby Wipes, Costo Baby Wipes, Kirkland Baby Wipes, and Fresh Baby Wipes. You can either buy them at Walmart and Target or are easily available online on Amazon. If you have children with eczema and sensitive skin then the Kinder by Nature Plant Based Baby Wipes will be an excellent choice for them.

The Bottom Line

Using a quality baby wipe that is not only beneficial for your baby but also for the environment is a great practice that many have started following now. Biodegradable baby wipes are soft, chemical-free, environment friendly, and affordable. They will not only keep the skin rash-free but also moisturize and nourish the skin to avoid any dryness, keeping the baby feeling fresh for a long time. You can also take a look at some of the products of Bestviewsreviews that recommend and reviews only the best products available today.

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