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Best Tablets for Reading: Which One to Buy

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Many people have switched to tablets from paperbacks or laptops today because of their convenience, compact nature and powerful performance. Tablets have become an ultimate entertainment and working companion for many. An e-reader is portable, easy to use, and can host a large collection of your books. If you’re on the lookout for a new e-reader, you’ve found yourself at the perfect place. We have listed some of the top tablets for reading. Read on to know more. 

Kindle Paperwhite 

Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight tablet and is completely glare-free. This causes minimal strain to your eyes. Its backlight is optimal for nighttime reading. The new variant is waterproof and perfect for reading on the go. It has laser-text quality text while a single battery charge lasts for weeks. 

Nook by Barnes and Noble 

Nook by Barnes and Noble is a great e-reader with a soft-touch finish that makes it easy to hold. The glare-free and scratch-resistant screen helps you enjoy the crisp text. It’s extremely lightweight and the backlight ensures that you enjoy your book in any amount of lighting. Thus, this one of the best tablets for reading is considered a popular choice among teenagers and students.

Kobo Clara HD

This sturdy and lightweight tablet comes with an 8GB memory. With reduced blue-light exposure, this one lasts for a week on a single battery charge. The light adjusts as per the lighting you’re in and offers a comfortable reading experience. 

Kindle Oasis 

Kindle Oasis is an upgrade to the basic kindle version, this one requires an additional investment of $100. It offers all the benefits that a paperwhite offers with more storage. It syncs Kindle and Audible books seamlessly. With an adjustable warm light and waterproof design, this one is a great buy. 

Likebook Mars E-Reader

If you like reading books on different platforms, then Likebook Mars E-Reader one is perfect for you. It links all books from Kobo, Kindle, Libby, and Nook accounts. With up to 16GB of memory, this one supports Bluetooth. 

iPad Pro 

Apple iPad Pro solves all your reading and personal needs. With access to iBooks, Kindle, Libby, Hoopla, Kobo, and different word processors, you can store your collection easily in this one. With its Liquid Retina display, reading comics and graphic novels becomes a great experience. Offering up to 1TB of storage and facial recognition, this one is a great investment. 

Dragon Touch Y88S Kids Tablet 

Perfect for kids, Dragon touch tablet comes preloaded with 24 Disney books. Parents can control the screen time and access to the internet also. It has an inbuilt memory of 8GB which is expandable up to 32GB. 

iPad Mini 

If you do not want to go with iPad Pro, Apple iPad Mini is another great option. With retina display and access to a plethora of apps, they come with decent memory storage. Their screen makes them perfect for reading without cussing any strain on your eyes. 

Fire HD 10 Tablet 

This Fire HD 10 tablet has a 10 inches HD display with access to the Kindle library. It’s perfect for all your reading needs and has expandable storage up to 250GB. The 1.8GHZ quad-core processor and 2GB RAM enable fast and seamless usage. 


Reading on tablets has become really convenient. With so many variants to choose from, the choice depends on your personal requirement. If you want a tablet solely for reading, you can invest in a Kindle. However, if you want to explore more with your tablet, an iPad is the best option. But do not forget to spend on a quality tablet case for its maximum protection. We hope our list will help you make an easy buying decision. 

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Happy shopping to you!

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