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Best Projectors For Business Presentations 2021

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Best Projectors for Business Presentations

Projectors have been a popular presentation device for a long time. Whether for your general office meetings, or other important business presentations, projectors for business presentations are your reliable companion in many situations. The right business projector not just helps in making the presentation productive, but also lets you catch the viewer's attention and interest.

However, choosing the right projector that fulfills your presentation needs and includes all beneficial features is never easy. So, to reduce your hassle and make the whole buying process easier, we have listed some of our favorite and best projectors, below.

List of Best Projectors For Business Presentations 2021

DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector

This DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector comes with a 1280x720 resolution and delivers a high picture quality of 720p. To increase the ease of use for the user, the model has multiple built-in HDMI and USB ports. It also features a TF card, VGA, and AV interface. With excellent sound quality and connectivity, this is an ideal business projector for all your office presentations.

ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable Mini Projector

ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable Mini Projector is going to be your must-have item. It exhibits portable power backup of 6000mah and other advanced features. Its light output of around 500 lumens and picture resolution of 720p ensures a clear and crisper picture quality. Besides, it includes an autofocus mode of 3ms and a 2D keystone for precise corner correction.

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

With a screen size varying from 32” to 176”, VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector is best for providing the big-screen experience. One can easily watch a high-quality picture from a projection distance of 4.9 to 16.4ft. It has a resolution of 1920x1080, and a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

LG PF50KA Portable Smart Home Theater

LG PF50KA Portable Smart Home Theater is a full HD video projector device that produces pictures at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The wireless connectivity and screen sharing feature make this device a popular home addition. This device also features LG smart TV option. This absolutely exciting package also includes a USB Type-C port for better connectivity.

Nebula Mars II Pro Portable Projector

Nebula Mars II Pro Portable Projector comes with DLP IntelliBright technology. It can project an image at 500-ANSI-lumens. Moreover, it projects at a 720p resolution that results in high video and picture quality. Equipped with Dual 10W audio speakers, this model is perfect for delivering deep, resonant bass and identifies as one of the best projectors for business presentations.

The Buying Guide: What To Look For While Buying Business Projectors?

If you are looking to buy the best projector device for your business presentations, our guide below should help you in choosing the right model. We cover all important factors that you should consider before making any final purchase.


The business projector that you buy should be able to produce clear and crisp images. Brightness is mostly measured in lumens. Higher lumens mean a brighter picture. But, it's not always required to go for higher lumens for clear visibility. The place of installation is also important in choosing the right brightness of your model. If you are going to use your projector in a darker space, a model with less brightness should do the trick too.


Portability is another important factor to consider while choosing the right business projector. You will want your projector to be lightweight and compact. Some brands also offer complimentary bags for carrying the projector easily. Models that are heavy can present difficulties in picture adjustments during the presentation. Thus, it is important to go for portable models.


Owning a projector, that has an incredible sound output, can be a big plus for a smooth presentation. Many models feature built-in dual speakers, while others come with only one speaker set-up. As per your requirement, you should go with models that suit you best. For presenting in large spaces like an auditorium, it's good to prefer models that have more speakers. This will ensure clarity in the sound.

Lamp life

The lamp life of your selected projector will directly show how long it will last. A projector with a good lamp life can be used for longer hours. The cheaper models with considerably less lamp life can only deliver brief presentations. Moreover, also look at the cooling capacity of your projector. You will not want a model that overheats within a few hours.

Image Size

It's important to consider the image size that your business projector produces. Look for models that can deliver high-quality pictures even in a small space. Besides, find at what distance the selected model can produce a specific image size. Ultimately, ensure whether your selected image size suits the projection needs perfectly.


In the market, you can find wired and wireless projectors easily. You need to determine what connectivity option will be easier to handle. The wired model can be difficult to set up. Thus, you can prefer buying models that feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. In such models, you can share media files from your smartphone too, and are quite handy during presentations.


Business projectors are simple video projectors devices. But, their advanced settings, picture quality, image size, and lightweight feature, make them perfectly suitable for your business presentations and office use. With our informative buying guide and worthy products, buying the right business projector should be a simple task.

We do however recommend you consider your budget and requirement while selecting the right model. To check out a few more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend the best based on popularity, demand, and quality.

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