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Best Pool Heaters for Your Swimming Pools 2022

Updated on Sep 20, 2022 by Jessica Parker
Pool heaters

A pool heater is a heating appliance that is used for heating your swimming pool spaces. This gadget is placed in the pool water to bring the water temperature to a pre-set level. Pool heaters are popular gadgets that come in various types based on fuel or energy usage. The working mechanism of these heaters is simple. They take in cold pool water and release hot water. 

Electric pool heaters are electrically powered devices that often rely on the outside environment. The electric heater uses an electric fan to suck hot air from the environment and the compressor to turn it hotter. Fuel-based heaters generate heat using gas or propane fuel.

Buy Best Swimming Pool Heaters

Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series

The Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series is a gas pool heater that has a heat output of 400,000 BTU. The heater is best for inground pools and spas. It can effectively heat up the pool area of up to 1,200 ft. This model is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

FibroPool FH120

The FibroPool FH120 is an electric model that uses 120 volts of electricity at 60Hz. This heater draws 10A of current to deliver fast heating. It is suitable for small pools with a capacity of up to 7500 gallons. This model equips a built-in 8-foot-long power cable to ensure proper connectivity to the nearest power outlet. You can install this machine in just 30 minutes with 1 1/2” compression fittings.

EcoSmart SMART POOL 27

The EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 is a tankless electric heater that is built on self-modulating technology. This heater is popular for its lightweight design and compact size. The Eco smart remote control helps you digitally increment temperature by small margins of 1-degree. It is a powerful 27KW machine that uses 240 Volt of current.

Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater

The Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater suggests it as a long-lasting model because of its powder-coated construction with a 7 stage process to fight corrosion. This heater roughly weighs around 230 pounds and can be installed in less than 30 minutes. The clear LCD monitor displays accurate temperature readings and heater status.

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What to Consider While Buying Pool Heaters?

Type of heater

The pool heaters are available in various types; heat pumps, gas pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. Heat pumps use electricity to keep your pool warm. They have a long life span and low running costs. The gas pool heaters are also affordable to run, but often more maintenance. You can also go with solar heaters for quick, quiet, and convenient operations.

Size of Your Pool

The size of your pool is another important consideration. You should consider buying a heater with a large capacity when buying a big-sized pool. The pool with a capacity of up to 30,000 Gallons will require a 125,000 BTU heater. Above-ground and in-ground pools can also make a difference. The above-ground pools will require less heat output from the heaters. You can go with a 50,000 BTU heater for small pools of up to 10,000 Gallons.


The climate and environmental conditions also influence your buying decision. The hot climate will demand less BTU heat output. This is because the sun-warmed air will assist in heating up the pool water. You should look for a more powerful heater if the climate at your place is mostly cold. The climate conditions can also help you choose the right type. Electric heaters work best in summer conditions.


The price of pool heaters usually varies with brand, heating capacity, and fuel type. You can buy an electric pool heater for anywhere between $1000 to $5000. The gas heaters usually are at a higher price segment, but you can still buy a good quality gas heater for about $2000. The gas heaters like VEVOR Electric Pool Heater with around 400,000 BTU can cost you above $3000. Make sure you buy a heater that comes under your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Pool for a Day?

The heat pump will roughly cost you around $5 to $8 to heat your pool for a day. It can go up to $20 depending on factors like heat output, water temperature, etc. Propane heaters have usually higher heat output. That is why they might cost you about $25 to $28 for a day.

Should I Leave My Pool Heater On All the Time?

The answer is No. You should turn off your pool heaters when your pools are not in use. Keeping your heaters ON all time can cost you heavily. You should use your heaters only when you are about to enter your pool. This will help you in saving energy, money, and time. You can go with heaters that offer quick warmth to get instant hot water in your pool.

 How Hot Can a Pool Heater Get?

A pool heater can come with different heat settings. The average heating temperature remains between 82°-88° degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your pools at or above 90° Fahrenheit will be on the hotter side. The max hot temperature limit of most pool heaters is 104° degrees Fahrenheit. You should turn your pool heaters only when the pool temperature goes below 75° degrees Fahrenheit.


A pool heater is smart home equipment that you can use to keep your backyard pools hot. Pool heaters with higher BTU output can also be used for large commercial pools. It is important to consider the heater type, pool area, and heater capacity before buying. Look for models that have got good customer reviews and come at a budgeted price.

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