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Best Laptops of 2020

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Best Laptops

You need a laptop to fulfill almost all your professional and personal work. Having a good laptop with you can make your work quick, and easy. The laptop industry is huge, with almost every tech leader stepping in to offer the best laptops to you. Especially with global tech companies like Dell, HP, Apple launching innovative laptops every year, you are never short of choices.  

We have written this blog to list down some of the best laptops that you can bring home. They are affordable, functional, portable, and offers a power-packed performance every time you use them. Moreover, if you are working from home, these laptops can be a life savior for you. Let's take a look at a few of them. In the same breath, we also have a selection of quality and excellent laptop bags for you.

Jumper EZbook X3 Windows 10 Laptop 

This new model is equipped with excellent features and a lag-free performance for proper operation. 

This laptop features a 10-inch window, HD IPS screen, 6Gb DDR3 memory, and an ultra-responsive keyboard. Moreover, it is equipped with X3 windows 10, a powerful processor, 64GB memory, compatible Wi-Fi connectivity, and expandable memory, this laptop delivers a power-packed performance. 

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MSI P65 Creator 

This ultra-thin, sleek and lightweight laptop is one of the best you can put your hands on. Equipped with a powerful processor, good memory, sufficient storage, and an anti-glare 4K viewing, this laptop delivers all-round performance. 

Moreover, its sleek yet robust design has made it quite popular among the users. 

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Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop 

This laptop serves a dual purpose as a standard laptop as well as a gaming laptop. Equipped with Vega 3 graphics, and advanced features, this laptop offers a smooth user experience.  

Its slim design, 15.6" full HD IPS screen, backlit keyboard, latest windows, and 4GB DDR4 has been a hit with the users and it has been one of the bestsellers.  

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Lenovo Chromebook 

This 2-in-1 convertible laptop offers powerful performance, a quick boot mechanism, and a convenient Chrome OS. It comes with excellent battery life and easy to navigate interface. It's less than 1-inch sleek design is trendy, lightweight, and can be carried around conveniently even during your travels.  Moreover, it comes with features like 1 year of virus protection plan, Bluetooth 4.2, free access to cloud storage and a great touch screen display. 

With excellent performance and an affordable price, this Chromebook C330 is one of the best machines you can get home. 

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Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop 

This convertible model from Acer is one of its latest editions and can be used both as a laptop or a tablet. 

This gadget is equipped with a complete HD touchscreen, 10th Gen intel processor, a memory of 8 GB DDR4 and expandable up to 512 GB, and a rechargeable stylus pen.  

With a contemporary design and an ergonomic built, this laptop is certainly a life savior.  

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Acer Predator Helios 300 

This gaming laptop delivers a power-packed performance with a lag-free mechanism. It uses technology like GeForce GTX, allowing it to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience. Moreover, it's 15.6" HD touchscreen provides a great viewing experience.  

With advanced features like a powerful Intel processor and an overdrive response time, this gaming laptop will surely bring out the player in you. 

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Apple MacBook Pro  

Apple laptops are famous for their contemporary look, power-packed performance, and long battery life. This laptop is no different. 

It uses the fastest 9th generation processor to provide uninterrupted navigation. Moreover, this laptop also features a six-speaker system along with force-canceling woofers.  With so many advanced features and an ultra-sleek design, this laptop is certainly worth your time and money.  

Although highly-priced than the counterparts, owing to its brand value and popularity, the convenient features and the performance of this laptop fairly compensates for the cost.   

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HP 15.6" Touchscreen Premium Laptop 

Hp laptops have always been quite popular with their users as the laptops are built keeping the user experience in mind. This laptop is no different.  This convenient gadget offers a power-packed performance and comes with features and an interface that is easy to use and understand.  

It features a with 10th Gen Intel Core processor, ultra-HD responsive touch screen, quick boot mechanism, automatic touch updates, and sufficient output modes. All of these and its affordable price sure seems to have struck a chord with the users and thus, is one of the best laptop sellers.  

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HP - Pavilion 11.6" Touch-Screen Laptop 

This laptop comes with a dual array microphone and a built-in HD camera for better functionality. With a 2-in-1 convertible design, responsive touchscreen and contemporary look, this laptop can be used both as a laptop and as a tablet. 

Equipped with a responsive touch screen, 11.6" HD screen, 4GB RAM, and 128GB solid-state drive, this sleek and lightweight gadget is considered a suitable gift for her, this Christmas 2020. 

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Laptop 

Laptops demand considerable investment and last a long time. The section below talks about some of the factors that you should consider before buying a laptop. Considering these factors will enable you to choose a suitable laptop as per your needs.  

Identify the Purpose 

It is important to identify your purpose before buying a laptop. If you are looking to buy for playing games, then it is advised to go for laptops with powerful processors. However, if you are looking for offices or colleges, then an average processor with a quick boot system should work.  


The processor plays a crucial role in determining the performance of the laptop. If you are using a laptop for casual browsing and running lite programs then go for i3 processor. If you are planning on playing some light games, then it is best to go with i5 processor. However, for powerful performances related to gaming and CPU intensive software, i7 and i9 core processors are the best. Therefore, choose wisely. 

Graphics Card 

Graphics cards play an important role in displaying images to the computer. If you are a casual user, an integrated GPU will do. However, if you plan on playing games, then its best to go for a powerful graphics card like NVIDIA, that offers HD display and reasonable frames. 


We should also take care of the storage we are going for. There are two kinds of storage, solid state drives and hard drives. These are very important parts of a laptop and should be chosen with care. For more details, read the blog on SDD Vs. HDD.


No matter which model you go for, a minimum RAM of 8 GB is a must. This much GB is usually ideal for office use or casual use. However, more the usage of the laptop, higher the RAM should be. For gaming purposes, it is best to go for 16 GB or 32GB RAM. 


There are various resolutions on which a display is based. Smaller laptops usually consist of a display screen 1368x768, while the bigger and HD displays exhibit 1920x1080p. Such HD displays are suitable for gaming purposes.  

Weight and Built 

This is a very important point to consider as laptops promote portability and convenience. Go for laptops with a sleep build as usually such laptops are lightweight and easy to carry around. If you are planning on buying it from online channels like Amazon, it is advised to read the product description before the purchase. 


The battery is an essential factor to consider before buying a laptop. Especially, if you are a student and required to use a laptop for long hours, then buying a laptop with a discreet GPU will help. Look for laptops that offer at least 8-10 hours of battery life.  


It is important to consider the price of the laptop before the purchase. Usually, a good laptop can vary between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. This difference in cost usually depends on factors like screen size, display, Ram, GPU etc. Therefore, it is important to fix a budget before the purchase. 


Warranty is very important when it comes to electronic appliances and gadgets. Usually, most of the brands offer just a standard one year of warranty. However, there are some, that offers an extended warranty as well and can be availed at a negligible cost.  

Which is the Best Laptop to go for? 

Although the choices that are offered on laptops are vast, Jumper EZbook X3 Windows 10 Laptop is currently considered as one of the best laptops to go for. Equipped with a fast processor, decent storage, quick boot mechanism, and a contemporary look, this laptop is ideal for regular standard use as well as great for lite games. Another great choice can be the new Apple MacBook Air which is famous for its power-packed performance, great battery life, and affordable price. 


We hope this guide helps you in finding the right laptop for yourself. If you are buying it online, make sure to check the return policy and money-back guarantee of the product in case you need to exchange the product. Moreover, with Christmas around the corner, Amazon is offering exciting deals and discounts on electronics. You can check out our Christmas blog to know more about discounted products.  

However, for more buying choices, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process.  

Happy shopping to you! 


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MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 Gaming Laptop

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Apple MacBook Air

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