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Best Hybrid Smartwatches of 2021

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Hybrid smartwatches are surging in their popularity with lightning speed. Do you know the reason? That's because hybrid smartwatches are available in traditional old school watch style with hands and numbers. This approach has been a hit with the users who were over with their fascination with touch screen, digital numbers and the much-popular rectangular design.

Hybrid smartwatches offer everything a standard smartwatch does, but with a traditional touch. This blog intends on listing those 5 best hybrid smartwatches that people are raging behind to get their hands on. At the end of this blog, you will get to know your best buying options and what to look for while shopping for a hybrid smartwatch. 

Best Hybrid Smartwatch for 2020 

Withings Scanwatch 

This Withings Scanwatch comes with excellent tracking and monitoring feature that is strong enough to declare the heart state accurately. Its built-in ECG expertly detects any anomalies with the heart. It also features an SPO2 sensor that can successfully detect sleep apnea (A disorder where you feel suffocated and feel difficulty to breathe).

Alpine X Alive 

This is a product from the Swiss watch brand Alpine and comes with a fully functional heart rate monitor, a GPS, and a convenient high definition AMOLED screen. The entire function on this watch is a touch screen with the utmost ease of navigation. This product launch happened in 2020.

Garmin Vivomore HR 

Garmin Vivomore HR offers excellent performance in keeping track of the fitness. This watch is an excellent machine capable of uninterrupted heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and stress monitoring. It has got an exceptional battery that lasts Up to 5 days in smart mode and Up to 2 weeks otherwise. 

Withings Move ECG 

This Withings ECG watch is a fitness-oriented watch. What's great about this watch is its affordability as compared to the features offered. Move ECG will a great pick for anyone looking for a fitness-related watch. This watch has got a durable metallic built and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. 

Fossil Hybrid HR 

Fossil has already owned a name and place in the watch world because of their quality. This Fossil hybrid HR smartwatch is nothing short of when compared to other competitors. This watch is known for its long battery life of two weeks over a single charge-run which is indeed appreciable. It comes with features like heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, smartphone and social media notifications along with music and volume controls.  

Fossil Q Men’s Smartwatch 

This Fossil Q Men's smartwatch is one of the most elegant, classy and satisfying smartwatches by Fossil. These watches boast of a battery life of around 6 months, which is huge even by smartwatch standards. It also features customizable options for its various functions like volume, etc. It comes with a classy dark brown pure leather strap that is fixed to a round and big metallic midnight black dial. 

Garmin Vivomore 3S 

This watch has a more feminine look because of its perky and flashy colors. It has got a dial of stainless steel and offers features like GPS, sleep monitoring, and health tracking. It also has a strong battery life of Up to 5 days with a single charge time. 


Hybrid smartwatches may have a smaller share market as compared to traditional watches and smartwatches, but their potential is unlimited. The standard smartwatches come in similar shape and design making them quite predictable. But with hybrid smartwatches, you get the best of both the worlds, a traditional-looking watch with smart features and that too at affordable prices.

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