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Benefits of CrossFit Rowing Machines

Updated on May 12, 2021 by Jessica Parker
CrossFit Rowing Machines

The rowing machines have been popular workout equipment for decades, but only recently they have incorporated into CrossFit workouts. Designed for use with low-impact, low-intensity rowing, CrossFit rowing is a great tool for people with injuries or ailments. These exercise machines simulate the rowing action that works your arms and back muscles in a paddling motion.

CrossFit Rowing Machines are like other rowing machines in terms of the movements and the muscle groups that are involved. But the key difference is that CrossFit rowing machines allow you to perform CrossFit-specific exercises and workouts. Continue reading to see what benefits, along with other factors, can influence your buying decision.

Benefits of the Rower for Crossfit

Improved Cardio

CrossFit rowing machines are a great way to get your heart rate soaring and burn a ton of calories and fat. Whether you are looking to lose weight or develop a more sculpted physique, rowing is a great way to get started.

Maxkare Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine provides a low-impact, yet highly effective workout that engages your legs, back, arms, glutes, and core. If you want to burn calories, fat, and build muscle, then this is going to be your best go-to choice.

Improved Muscular Endurance

Rowing Machine functions by moving the handlebars while parallelly bringing the leg up with the paddle. And this requires exceptional strength, power, endurance, and technique. Remember, rowing helps in building muscular endurance while keeping your body safe against sudden jerks.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is the ideal piece of equipment for individuals looking to improve their muscular endurance. Not only does this rowing machine look fantastic in a home environment, but it is also intensely effective in helping you get in shape.

Improves Power

Rowing is a great cardio workout and an ideal strength training exercise. Rowers bring your arms and upper body into the play for increasing arm strength. The intense muscle contractions that come with rowing also lead to weight loss. Proper rowing technique requires pulling with the back and engaging the arm muscles.

Rowing for your body is an intense form of strength training, and with the right rowing machine like Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower, you can improve your muscle power.

Low Intensity Benefits the Body

Rowing is a challenging exercise. This is because rowing targets not only your back, arms, and legs but also your core and requires the use of a lot of muscle groups simultaneously. Therefore rowing is so beneficial to your cardiovascular fitness. The CrossFit rowing machine is an excellent choice for providing low-intensity workouts that help you burn calories and lose weight.

With Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine, you can set your workout intensity and achieve your fitness goals without putting your lower joints or other muscles at risk. And, this machine features multiple resistance settings, so even if you are a beginner, this machine is still your best-safe workout equipment.

Effective Substitute for Cardio

The rowing machine can easily be substituted as a workout for running, biking, and swimming, saving you time and money. Plus, if you live in a cold climate, a rowing machine can help you stay in shape during the winter. The CrossFit rowing machine is a great alternative to running on a treadmill because, unlike running, rowing works the upper and lower body, upper and lower back, and the thighs and upper legs.

Good Glute Activator

For years, many fitness trainers and athletes have been focusing on quads, meaning their glutes are less active during the workout, and quads stay dominant. But, with the right rowing machine and workout programs, you can target your glutes too. However, for this, you will require knowing about rowing mechanics and working techniques.

Plus, you will need an effective CrossFit rowing machine like Goplus Folding Rowing Machine that comes with adjustable resistance and a clear LCD display.

Faster Recovery

Rowing is one of the best exercise equipment for faster recovery. It increases blood flow during your workout, which is done by rowing with a relatively higher stroke rate. The higher stroke rate causes your heart to beat faster; hence, the blood flow increases. This delivers more blood to injured muscles, thus resulting in faster recovery.

Efficient Workout

An excellent exercise routine always includes a full-body workout. This improves your muscular endurance and keeps your body fit. However, it is hard to find time for a full workout when you have a busy schedule. Therefore we love rowing machines! They are great efficient workout machines that fit in with any schedule.


The rowing machine is a substantial investment. An investment in your health and fitness, of course. But also a worthy long-term investment. Consider the value of your time: An hour in the gym is an hour not spent by the pool, or cooking dinner at home, or playing with your kids. What about getting the comfort of your workouts right at your home or a complete body workout session in just 10 or 15 mins? That's a rowing machine for you.

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