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An In-Depth Freezer Buying Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Freezer Buying Guide

If you have enjoyed smooth and creamy ice creams or have heated frozen pasta for dinner, you know that having a freezer can be a blessing in disguise. However, if you haven’t invested in a freezer yet, our buying guide can help you. A stand-alone freezer can add extra storage space which you can use to stock with a variety of food items. If you want to know more about a freezer, keep reading. You can also take a look at our featured section for some of the best freezers for 2021.

Types of Freezers

There are two types of stand-alone freezers, namely, chest and upright freezers. 

Chest Freezers 

These range from 3.5 cu. ft. to 22 cu. ft. in height and come with removable baskets. The opening is wide and there’s a lot of space to stack your food. You can easily arrange your baskets inside them. 

Upright Freezers 

Similar to the shape of a refrigerator, you should go with these variants if you’re low on space because of the upright design. They range from 3.5 cu. ft. to 20 cu. ft. and come with shelves. 

Pros of Upright Freezers 

Upright freezers like Danby are tall and narrow which makes them easy to transport. With shelves and drawers, the organization also becomes simpler. Shelves also decrease the possibility of food items getting crushed. Items are also easier to reach and find when you’re in a hurry. Upright freezers also come with an auto-defrost feature. 

Pros of Chest Freezers 

A chest freezer like Middea has a deep center which helps you save a large amount of food. They also have compartment dividers and a fast-freeze option. Chest freezers also have a light which indicates it’s working. 

Extra Features to Consider 

Door Lock 

Some freezers have a door lock which can prevent your children or unwanted hands from accessing the freezer. You can also lock it with a key. 

Door Alarm 

If you forget to shut your freezer, this feature can help you save your food which can get spoilt by quick defrosting. The alarm rings if you’ve left the door open for long. 

Soft Freeze and Fast Freeze 

Soft freeze compartment is ideal for storing ice creams and sorbets which remain soft yet frozen. The fast freeze feature helps drop the temperature quickly if you want some items to get frozen on priority. 

Energy Star Rating 

To save power consumption, go with freezers with an energy star rating. They’re environmentally friendly and can save you a lot of money. 


Frozen food can make meal prep really easy. Investing in a freezer comes with many benefits. It is a great alternative to go for if the freezer inside your refrigerator runs out of space. Another great buy for some extra storage is a compact refrigerator. We hope our freezer buying guide will help you bring the best one home!

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