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Buying Guide for Bath Towel Sheets

Bath towel sheets are mostly made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that can't be bleached or treated with any sort of process, giving it a soft and smooth texture. These soft towel sheets are used in each and every household for various purposes, but you can also find them in commercial applications. These towels are used for drying, cleaning, and for general household activities. Read through our guide below to know more about bath towel sheets.

Benefits of Bath Towel Sheets


Bathroom towel sheets are easier to use because of the comfort they provide. They are generally made of high-quality ring spun cotton that makes it soft and offers maximum comfort.

Provides Luxurious Touch

When you offer accommodation or frequently have guests in your home, bath towel sheets provide an adored luxury. That is why most of the luxury hotels have bath towel sheets in the rooms and spas.

Provides Full Body Coverage

Bath sheets are the best option for total body coverage due to their size. Those who are taller or larger in frame appreciate this enveloping feeling that a bath towel cannot provide.

Ensures Better Absorption

It should be no surprise that bath towel sheets absorb water better than bath towels due to their larger size. They are great to be carried on a beach or for women with long hair.

Factors to Consider before Buying Bath Towel Sheets


The weight of bath towel sheets is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). In general, the higher the weight, the more dense and plush the towel sheet will be. Weights of 300-400 GSM are considered light, 400-600 GSM are medium and 600-900 GSM are heavy. Towel sheets in the 500-700 GSM range are the most popular.


The quality of towel sheets may vary from one manufacturer to another. A poor quality bath sheet’s color might fade away or might shrink excessively after first wash. Make sure to research all brands to read their customer reviews and ratings to ensure buying a good quality of bath towel sheet.


Make sure to read the size chart of the towel sheet before buying. There is nothing more annoying than discovering that the towel sheet you ordered so joyously barely covers you. If you want to wrap yourself in comfort and luxury, order bath sheets that are 35-40 inches wide and 60 to 70 inches long.


Cotton is the softest and most absorbent fabric. Avoid fabrics such as Egyptian and Supima cotton; they may be top-notch, but their softness, absorbency, and durability are not enough. You can also buy a cotton/polyester blend: It's less expensive, quick-drying, and durable.


Bath towel sheets can be a good choice for people that want high quality and softness. They can be used in different ways. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and are safe for people with sensitive skin. All in all, they are worth it to be used in your bathroom. We hope our buying guide will help you make the right decision in buying the best bath towel sheets. You can take a look at our most reviewed and recommended selection of bath towel sheets above for clarity. We recommend them based on their color range, size, absorbency, material quality.

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