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BVR Rating 563 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Constructed with hardwood that makes it durable
  • Features carved pedestal and apron that gives a modernized look
  • Comes with claw and ball feet that offers stability
  • The paint may chip off with time
BVR Rating 446 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with an adjustable height that allows to use it at different height levels
  • Features soft black PVC edge that gives a sleek look
  • Ideal for rental business, banquet hall, restaurant, or home
  • Not a self leveling table
BVR Rating 257 reviews
$12 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Features collapsible design that allows for easy transportation
  • Comes with a black skirt that gives a sleek look
  • Features solid surface that supports weight up to 65lbs
  • Dimensions may not be accurate
BVR Rating 150 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Big circle table on the top provides space and convenience
  • Non-scratch plastic foot helps protect the floor
  • Equipped with a metal base that provides stability
  • May not be suitable for outdoor use
BVR Rating 99 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with instructions, screws and tools that offers convenient installation
  • Equipped with an adjustable leg pad that offers stability
  • Classic design makes the bar great choice for home, restaurant and more
  • May not be counter height
BVR Rating 126 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Features a versatile design that makes it suitable for dining and kitchen
  • Comes with instruction that makes it easy to assemble
  • Constructed with rubberwood, MDF, and birch veneer that ensures durability
  • May not come with hardware
BVR Rating 210 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Made of thick grade MDF that ensures durability
  • Equipped with a 360 swivel table top that allows for an easy access
  • Ideal of restaurant, bistro, caf, patio, kitchen and more
  • May not be easy to assemble
BVR Rating 134 reviews
$10 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Comes in a foldable design that makes it easy to carry and store
  • Made of sturdy material that can hold 110-pound of weight capacity
  • UV- and water-resistant build makes it ideal for outdoor use
  • Brackets and rivets may rust with time

Buying Guide for Bar Tables

Bar tables are a growing trend in bars and restaurants. They are a great addition to any restaurant or bar and can add a little extra flair. They are also an example of the cool and creative ways that people can repurpose and reuse old furniture and tables for a stylish result.
A bar table is a piece of furniture that's used at the bar of a pub or restaurant for conversations and drinks. It's essentially a table that's bolted to the floor and is generally a place where people can place drinks and food on. Read below to know more.

Benefits of Bar Tables

Perfect Choice for Small Space

If you haven't got much space to accommodate a typical dining table, a pub table set is the answer to your problem. Pub table sets are space-saving and are the perfect choice if you want to set up a table in an area with limited space. Their compact size takes up less room than traditional dining tables, yet can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 people, making them an ideal addition for meals or drinks in tight spaces.

Versatile Addition to Any Room

Bar tables offer versatility and can be used for different reasons. It all depends on what you want to get out of it. Getting a pub table will allow you to use it for intimate dinners, a breakfast nook for quiet mornings, a fun zone for board games in the lounge room, an additional worktop for the kitchen, and as a practical working space for your laptop in the living room.

Enhances Home Aesthetic

A pub table set can easily become the focal point of a room if you pick the right style. With an array of colors and styles ranging from casual to sophisticated on the market, it won't be hard to pick out a table that fits well with your decor to elevate the entire setting. If aesthetics are important to you, you might even want to purchase a pub table set just to enhance your home's aesthetics, and later on reap the additional benefits that come with owning one.

Additional Storage Option

Some pub table sets come with drawers, open shelves, wine storage, and towel racks that could be useful for those looking for additional storage options. You could use these convenient storage solutions to store knick-knacks that don't belong anywhere, or display your beverages, glassware, and decor pieces for an elegant touch while keeping the items close at hand.

Factors to Consider Before Buying of Bar Tables

Bar Table Height

The height is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Bar tables fall into one of two main categories- bar or poseur, and each is suited to a specific environment. Standard bar tables are approximately 90cm tall, the same height as the average domestic kitchen counter. Ideal for use with any of our counter stools, they allow you to sit comfortably without your knees coming into contact with the under surface. For those seeking out commercial furniture, our poseur tables are a great choice. Generally standing at 100-110cm, these are slightly taller than standard models.

Size and Shape

The average design has a top diameter of 60cm, with a base diameter of 45cm. However this can vary, so it’s worth measuring your space beforehand in order to make the best decision. The shape is also important. Round tables are more compact, and useful in high-traffic areas where angular edges are best avoided.

Table Top Finish

Table top finishes can range from natural wood to unique laminate. In general, dark wood is easy to clean and care for and looks ideal in many spaces. Match your table top finish to existing wood elements in your room.

Frame Finish

Wood frames are ideal for bar tables in most spaces and they’re easy to care for. Look for light, natural or dark wood frames. Shopping for bar tables isn’t complex, but there are a lot of choices. Take time to consider your room so you pick the right option the first time.


Square and rectangular tables are common, and for small numbers of guests or a large are they often work well. In very tight spaces, round tables can accommodate more seating. You’ll also want to look at the shape of other decorative items and accents in your room to try and match them up accordingly.
To get more information about our buying options, go through some of the best products that we have listed in our featured section above. They are been reviewed and are recommended on the basis of their quality, performance and durability.

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