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GEARWRENCH Ball Joint Separator 3916D

Different Size Ball Joints, Gearwrench Ball Joint Separator 3916D

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  • Ideal for separating the ball joint on domestic and import front wheel drive vehicles
  • The separator is adjustable to fit different size ball joints
  • The dual material and dipped handles offer a comfortable grip


  • The jaw opening is too narrow

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  • Users of this product said

    On the passenger side, I had to use a combination of hitting the knuckle with a hammer and heating the same area with a propane torch before I could knock the stud out, because the tool I was using wouldn't work on the passenger side.

    I used this to disassemble the steering knuckle of a 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ to repair the mounting holes for the brake caliper, it's inexpensive and works well, but I haven't yet replaced the ball joints themselves.

    The base of the ball joint is where the threaded part is seized to the steering knuckle, instead of popping loose from the steering knuckle as you try to hammer in a pickle fork between the control arm and steering knuckle.

    I never got anything done with it, it was useless and I used it on a day when I needed to replace the control arms on a C230K.

    This particular brand is well made, has a ball bearing built in to the tip of the bolt, and is easy to adjust with the replaceable pivot pin.

    Question & Answers


    What is the full open dimensions of the gear wrench?


    It says 2 and 1/8th inch in the ad.


    I want to make sure the ball joint doesn't damage the boot, so I'm wondering if this will work on a 2001 corolla.


    If all fails, leave the nut flushed on the bolt for stability, spray silicone on separator to lubricate and slide between nut and boot, then remove the knuckle and use the seprator.


    Is anyone aware of the jaw size?


    The slot is 7/8" wide by 1-1/4" deep. Completely extended the "jaws" open to 2-1/4".


    What is the size of the bolt on the tool?


    The bolt on this tool is 15/16. It's a great tool and easy to use.


    Will this tool work with the 2013 Nissan Rogue?


    This tools help me a lot.

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