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Buying Guide for Automotive Brake Light Bulbs

Brake light bulbs are a type of automotive brake light with a built-in optic for backlighting the brake light. The functionality of these lights varies, depending on the type of vehicle. Some examples include brake lights used on buses and other vehicles and backup lights used by police cars. Brake lights are often color-coded to match the brake system of the vehicle they are installed on.

Brake light bulbs are a safety device that turns on when the brakes are applied. They are found either in or on the brake light. Brake light bulbs are a safety device that turns on when the brakes are applied. They are found either in or on the brake light.

Benefits of Automotive Brake Light Bulbs

Energy Efficiency

Automotive LED lights are much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs because LEDs emit light without generating much heat when they start the process. Their efficiency is about 85% greater than incandescent bulbs. In contrast, the process of emitting light from incandescent lights wastes a great deal of heat energy. Incandescent light bulbs use up to 525 kilowatts of electricity per year, whereas LED bulbs use about 65 kilowatts.

Brighter Illumination

In general, LED lights are brighter, yet cost less to run. Incandescent bulbs are usually rated at 14 lumens per watt, while LEDs are rated at 57 lumens per watt. LED lights not only provide more light, but do so more efficiently as well. LED lights have directional output, meaning that the lightning output can be focused on a specific direction. In contrast, other lights are multi-directional, wasting a lot of energy. Furthermore, LED lights will activate much faster than other types, so more energy will be saved.

Durability & Low Cost

LED lights generally cost more upfront than other types of lights. Considering the cost, however, you should consider the following aspects: They are more energy-efficient, put less strain on the battery in your vehicle, and they last a long time. The reason for this is that LED lights use diodes, not filaments, encased in plastic that is shock- and vibration-proof. This allows LED lights to last up to 30 000 hours.

Ease of Installation

LED taillights are easy to install. They don't require professional assistance. All an individual needs is the appropriate materials for the installation, and he can easily install the rear lights on his car.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Automotive Brake Light Bulbs

Brighter and Longer-lasting

Compared to their outdated Halogen predecessors, LED brake light bulbs shine brighter and longer. A simple switch can update your lighting design.

Require Less Electricity

A LED bulb also uses less energy, so it requires less electricity and performs better, casting a minimal glare onto oncoming traffic, and putting less strain on your vehicle.

Heat Dissipation

With an intelligent IC driver and aviation aluminum material for better performance, the circuit is protected by a steady input current. This ensures the accurate control of the temperature range and a consistent light output to ensure the LED bulb life reaches 50,000 hours.

Choose the right color

If you have chosen an incandescent bulb, the only choice you have left is a warm yellowish hue. However, LED lights come in many different colors. In addition to their ability to display an impressive range of colors, LED bulbs can also display whites and yellows. These LED bulbs are ideal for setting up a good infrastructure in your office.


The different brake light bulbs are designed for different makes and models of cars or trucks. As a rule of thumb, the brake light bulbs for cars manufactured in North America have the same dimensions and can be used in vehicles made in Europe or Asia. It is also important common sense to make sure the new bulb fits the socket correctly.

The choice of LED lights comes down to not only the type of bulb you want to use but also to the style of your lights. If you are replacing a bulb, it's best to have a match. If you have a brake light that uses a wedge base, you should replace it with a wedge bulb. If you have a brake light that uses a bayonet base, you should replace it with a bayonet bulb.

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