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CZONG 21 Pieces Drawing Stencils Set

Their New Stencil Drawing Set, Czong 21 Pieces Drawing Stencils Set, Cool Designed Unisex Stencils, Washable Craft Random Colors Bullet Journal Stencil

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Created with Raphaël
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  • Made with children safe material that makes it ideal to gift to kids
  • Built with no edges that makes it safe to use
  • Features a large variety of drawing styles that meet varied requirements


  • May need extra care while handling


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    These are some of the best drawing paper I have ever used, and they are so easy to clean!. they are flexible and sturdy, so seems like they should last a long time.

    These are some of the best pen and paper I have ever used, and they are so easy to clean! They are flexible and sturdy, so seems like they should last a long time.

    I was surprised that they might last a while, even though I thought they wouldn't last long, the plastic isn't stiff and brittle, and it looks like it will survive the 5 year old very well.

    The small lines on the stencils don't tear like cardboard, and they're very cute.

    The stencils are in good condition, but the zip on the pouch broke not long after they opened it, so I recommend this product for my 5 and 3 year olds.

    Question & Answers


    How large would the rock have to be?


    I bought to use on a box 4 in by 4in., and some of the stencils will work on small rocks.


    Does it work well?


    We got it a month ago and she hasn't board with it, but they have a great variety for boys and girls and they come in a pouch so it's easy to stay organized.


    Is it a good gift for kids?


    I liked the set when I was 7 years old and think it's a great gift for kids who like drawing.


    Would these work for making T-shirt with fabric markers for 11 year old girls?


    I haven't tried it for tshirts, but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible.


    Is it possible to use these stencils for face/body painting?


    I think they are thin enough to work for that.

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