Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set

July 23, 2019

# 17

Reviews Trend

Oct 18 – Mar 19

Sentiment Analysis

From 700 + total reviews







Rank (out of 18) 17
Score (out of 10) 3.84
Total Reviews in this Category 23,000 +
Total Reviews 700 +
Recent Reviews (Last 6 Months) 100 +
Recent Reviews with Positive Sentiment 40 +
Recent Reviews with Negative Sentiment 50 +
Positive Sentiment 29%
Negative Sentiment 34%
Neutral Sentiment 37%

BestViewsReviews analyzed 23,000+ reviews and shortlisted 18 products in the art supplies category. After analyzing user sentiments across the art supplies we ranked Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set as 17 out the analyzed 18 products. We analyzed 700+ reviews for Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set out of which, 100+ reviews were recieved over the last 6 months.

40+ (~29%) of the users were satisfied with the product and would probably recommend it, ~37% of the users were satisfied with this Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set, and ~34% of the user faced some issue with the product (and hence said something negative about it!). When we compared to similar products and assigned a normalized score, this product got a score of 3.84/10, which indicated a rank of 17 out of the 18 analyzed products.

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